Friday, October 1, 2010

Bibi knits?

Well, not really, but something in the cool fall air just makes me want to make something warm, and a sweater is not quite in my skill set. I bought the yarn in Ohio a few years ago, knowing I would be visiting Aunt Marge in the nursing home. I couldn't bear the thought of sitting and doing nothing for the weekend, and I was passing a yarn shop in Salem. But the project got stuck in the top of the closet, almost forgotten. I pulled it out earlier this week, and went to Kathleen for help in getting started on a scarf. I decided to knit in some small beads, (I have done 3 already but you can't see them) and hopefully since I am posting this I will actually finish it! I made one last winter that was not quite a is in browns and greys and hangs around my neck down to my knees. It is actually kind of depressing. I am hoping this color and the little bit of sparkle will be the incentive to complete it and wear it, maybe even this winter!Posted by Picasa

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