Monday, June 23, 2014

I've missed you, little blog

 Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime

Well we'll go swimmin' every day
No time to work just time to play
If your folks complain just say,
"It's summertime"

      ~Earl Jameson, Lead Singer
               The Jamies

Summer solstice,  and I have let the entire spring season go by without reminiscing about my adventures in sewing.  Travel, work, and stitching... my reasons are endless, but I will try again to be faithful to you, little blog.

I have been working on my Martha Pullen online certification, and this Crazy Patch Pillow is one of the projects.  I veered from the traditional crazy patch to a version that one of my little girls might enjoy, and goodness knows I have plenty of scraps.

I went with the usual vibrant pastels that the girls seem to like best.  The little bird print was the basis for  the rest of my choices; I have no lack of pinks, greens and turquoise to choose from..  The method that we were to use for this pillow was a paper piecing method, and I did not know that this was a choice when doing crazy patch.  My only complaint with the MP patterns is that they email them to you, and then you have to put the puzzle pieces together.

After I had completed the crazy patch,  the next step was to use decorative stitches over the seam lines.  This was fun because I seldom use those stitches.  I learned one thing in this process, the stitches in the quilting section seem to be bolder and they worked well for this task.

The pillow completed was 15 x 15, so I had to make my own little pillow for a form.  I chose ball fringe as a trim, and  completed the pillow with an envelope style back.  Mandy says it will look great on her trundle bed, so I know she has her eye on it!