Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Infinity Scarves for 4 little girls

Infinity is love that never ends.

  ~Issa Allbritton, age 10

   We made these scarves for one of our Kids Sew Sunday classes at the store, but I had a difficult time separating them from Katelyn and Sarah.
   These scarves were made last winter at Katelyn's home in Birmingham. We measured the length by holding a tape measure from fingertip of the left hand to fingertip of the right hand, going around the neck.  That was the length.  We used a width of 6 inches for Katelyn's scarf and a width of 4 inches for Sarah's.  Then we sewed the loooong side seam,  leaving a space to turn it.  The part that makes this scarf twisty and interesting is sewing the ends together, but not matching the seams like you normally would.  We scooted the seam of one end about halfway around the circle instead .  
   The fun part is... putting the scarf over your head, looping it, and putting the second loop over your head, too.  :)