Friday, October 29, 2010

The better to see you with my dear...

How cute is Little Red Riding Hood? It's a McCalls pattern and it went together pretty quickly. I had the hood completed before I thought of the eyelet, so I had to take the seam ripper out and do it again. I spend more than my share of time with do overs. The pinafore in the pattern was pretty involved so I just gathered a width of white fabric to a wide polka dot ribbon and then added a rectangle edged in eyelet as the bodice. It was quick and easy and Issa looked pretty precious.

Here is sweet Issa with her "I am really nervous but I will pretend I am having a good time" smile. (I have one of Brent on Santa's knee with the very same smile)
I have a feeling she is going to grow up to be as beautiful as her mommy, with a heart to match.

The IHM teachers show their sense of humor in their Halloween costumes!
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