Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Hannah!

This bag came from a package of totes that has been hanging around in my sewing room for far too long. Little Hannah is having a birthday, and it will be filled with bubble bath and toiletries, Hello Kitty treasures, art supplies, or whatever strikes our fancy when we are out shopping. A word to the wise-- The canvas bags are from Michael's and came 4 to a package, and I did not notice until too late, but the handles are some kind of plastic. The ribbon went on fine using my trusty #5 edge foot, but look out when you press it!

Today I am in my sewing room with Sadie at my feet, the sun shining in the window, Yo Yo Ma playing his cello softly, and once again, life is very very good!

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  1. Here's to Sadie, the sun, Yo Yo Ma, and little girls name Hannah.
    I can't believe my Hannah is 31 years old!