Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final Day in Nashville

Posted by PicasaThis is a snapshot of our sewing room. We work closely together, for sure, but we are all on the same project so it is nice to be able to share thoughts and supplies, exchange ideas and swap stories. There are ironing boards set up around us, and another classroom in the back. Even thought things are close, when you need a bit a space someone is always willing to scoot over and offer help if it is needed. It is really great fun.

My last day, Saturday, was spent making 2 skirts taught by Trisha. Now here is another talented woman. You would think at first glance that the first skirt would be a quick project, but she took so much time with us, giving us great ideas for details to improve our sewing. I learned to cut down my linings so they don't bunch up inside the garment, and lots of tips that I will put to good use as I continue to sew for my little girls.

This skirt was the first one we worked on Saturday morning. I didn't really like the grey as much as the pink, so I reversed the two fabrics on my skirt. This is Trisha's sample, and as I am looking at the photograph it seems like the elastic on the right side of the skirt may have gotten twisted, but believe me, the skirt is perfect. period.
Mine is just about finished but I have to put the elastic in the sides and then have a fashion show with one of the girls.
The rest of the day was spent on a really nice lunch, and then learning how to do the patchwork on the skirt. Both are from the same pattern. The fabrics for the lavender skirt are a combination of corduroys and cottons, with ric rac and bias trims for accents. Again, her workmanship is impeccable. In fact, on my first skirt, Trisha had pointed out an improvement I could make on it, but I at first declined and said I would "do that on the next one". But after looking at her work all morning I couldn't help but being dissatisfied with what I had done, sooo, out with the seam ripper! Now my lining fits inside the skirt like a glove! Trisha also suggested that we get creative and use up various scraps in our sewing rooms to design our own patchwork projects. These little skirts take a very little bit of fabric.
So the bottom line for me is, I am learning from some of the very best. They have a unique combination of the vision of artists, but workmanship that cannot be matched. And we are able to do it a fun environment. So I can tell you, this Children's Corner Sewing School will not be my last!

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  1. Don't you love how exciting it is to learn from the experts. I always feel the same way when I attend my writing conferences.

    Will look for you to be modeling your new skirt in next post!