Saturday, October 2, 2010


Posted by PicasaOur proudest sewing moment EVER! Last night, Mae had to go to Children's Hospital with a bad cough, and after a steroid shot is as good as new, but her big sister Issa was quite upset that Mae was ill. Issa stayed with me and said that she wanted to make Mae a flower, went to my sewing box full of scraps and started snipping and gluing. After she was satisfied with her project, she put Mae's name on it and went to sleep. This morning we sat down at the Bernina and sewed everything in place. Simply beautiful! She used the presser foot, the touch screen, maneuvered the fabric, clipped all the threads, and helped Bibi press. Mae Mae was duly impressed!

This brings up a question that Debbie M. and I have been bouncing back and forth. Does the sewing bug bite every other generation? I don't think I ever saw my mother hold a needle, but a sweet neighbor and my grandmother taught me to knit, crochet and hem a slip. (and yes, it had to look pretty even after I pointed out to her that no one but I would see it) Another factor is that a Bibi has much more time to help little fingers snip and sew than a busy mother does. Regardless of the reason, I am absolutely ecstatic that I will have a companion in my sewing room for years to come!

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  1. This is too beautiful for words! Both the sentiment behind it and the finished product. That you showed it off in your blog will ensure for certain Issa's being bitten by the sewing bug.
    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous work of art. The teacher in me loves it as much as the Omi in me.