Sunday, October 24, 2010

I strive for Excellence, Perfection is God's business.

I knew in my heart that I should not take out the tape measure, but I did it anyway. I normally "eyeball" where I should place my monogram, but in an effort to do it PERFECTLY (my first mistake) I thought I had better measure, draw a line with the trusty blue marker, and make sure that my monogram was even. See Red towel Number 1.

I hated it. The T is floating way too high, and I just couldn't bear to give it to Linda. Not having another fall towel, I took out a white one and used the Empire font, eyeballed the placement, and was perfectly happy with the result. See White towel, Number 2.

I gave Linda her gift, but being cursed with practical streak, could not throw away the red one, so I gave it to her with apologies. I should have used it here in the sewing room instead to dust a little. Now she will have to tilt her head ever so slightly to the right whenever she looks at her red towel hanging in her kitchen. Thankfully winter is not too far off and it will go in the box with the pumpkins, silk leaves, and scarecrows!

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  1. Both look perfectly beautiful to me, and amen about letting go of perfectionism! Applicable to writing projects as well as sewing projects, and something I'm striving to do in every area of my life. It makes for way more happiness in a day. :-)