Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sewist's Helper

This is such a funny little tip, you have probably already seen it but it was new to me. I heard about it in one of Sandy's classes at the Sewing Center.
What to do with the gently used needle that is not yet ready to go in your little throw away jar? You get a little tomato pincushion and with a sharpie marker, write the sizes of the needles that you most often use. I divided my little sections again with a dotted line and marked each size with an S and BP. Now I can find the right sized needle without getting out my magnifying glass!

As I look around the chaos in my little sewing closet, I think....It looks unorganized to anyone but me, but there is one little thing I have control of...My Sewing Machine Needles!


  1. Right---I use that tip all the time---ahem---er---it actually has never occurred to me to care about needle size :-)

  2. Ha. but doesn't a big ole needle poke a hole in your delicate batistes and voilles?