Friday, May 20, 2011

Sarah's Onesie Dress

Little Sarah is turning one! She is there and we are here, so this little dress is shown without a smiling face.
My first step was to tear my fabric. This soft lawn is a remnant from the dress that I made for Issa in my very first post, from the Children's Corner; it is a beautiful lawn in pinks and khakis.
I measured around the onesie and doubled the measurement. If I do this again I will add another half length of fullnes. I folded the onesie in half from the arm to the snaps, and marked a line around the waist with my blue soluble marker.
The next step was a rolled hem with my #68 foot. I used this foot years ago when I was making smocked bonnets, and the technique does take some time to perfect. I seem to do this hem best while holding my breath, holding my mouth in the right postion, holding the fabric at just the right angle to the left, and sewing very slowly. The results are worth the effort. I got an even rolled hem on both edges. (with a few inches exception)

Next I used the ruffler attachment, and ruffled the strip leaving about a half inch at the top. I attached the skirt to the body of the onesie at my blue marker, and zig zagged all around on top of my ruffle seam line, using the #37 foot. The onesie had long sleeves when I began, so I cut them short and thought I would try my hand at a lettuce edge finish. I used the #8 jeans foot and a teeny tiny zig zag stitch, with a length of .4 and a width of 1.3. This foot holds the fabric, but the zig zag has to be tiny in order to fit in the small stitch hole. I stretched as I sewed and have a little pink detail on my frilly sleeve.

My very last step was to add a little crown applique and her name. Happy Birthday Sarah!

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  1. You are such a professional. Yet another unique and beautiful project. That sleeve edging is beautiful.