Friday, May 13, 2011

Miss Mermaid

This is one of those outfits that seemed to just happen. Issa loves mermaids, like most little girls her age, so I knew she would like this cute applique.

She will sit forever in my little den, slowly turning the pages of this book, The Mermaid's Treasure. It is full of pretty pictures and she is fascinated by it.
The mermaid is from Designs by Ju Ju, I am fairly certain. (when I order online and don't have a CD cover to look at, it is hard to remember) The font is Fishtail...perfect! And I was happy with the way the mermaid looked in pink and green. I use a product from Floriani, Dreamweave, on the back of the applique, it makes it nice and soft up against her skin.

Now I need a little skirt. Looking through my stash, I found the rest of the fabric that I had used to make Katelyn's little spring dress. It just needed a little something extra, and I have been itching to use my new ruffler, so back to the stash. I found a perfect little spring green gingham, tore strips, sewed them together, pressed it over lengthwise, then over to the ruffler.

My Feetures book says that to ruffle, you put the lever on number one, which is all the way to the right and turn the screw counterclockwise to lessen the depth of the pleat. I zipped through several feet of gingham in a few minutes! It was a Birthday Miracle! I don't think I would want to use the ruffler for a fine batiste, but for cotton playclothes, this is the ticket!

P.S. I got up this morning and took the fabric and ruffle outside. I just don't like them together. I will have to go to plan B for the skirt...stay tuned!


  1. The mermaid is so sweet,all little girls love mermaids,l love my ruffler too so quik and easy. I love trying out new feet for my sewing machine but then i have to remember to use them.

    Hugs Pat

  2. so true, Pat. I sit right there looking at them and often figure out the right foot after I have completed the project