Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a place for piano plunkers

Here is one more product of the dreary weather. I sat in my dining room looking out the window and glanced at my piano bench cover, which was just screaming for a little embelllishment.

I used stablestik stabilizer; the batting was going to make the cover difficult to hoop, so I hooped the stabilizer, scored it with a straight pin, peeled back the paper and pressed the cover on it, being careful to center it. (I wish that I had thought to pin through the layers because the top layer shifted slightly.)

I chose ecru tones and the Gothic font from an Embroidery Arts cd. As I put the cover back on the piano bench I had to smile...I noticed that it was smudged with pink and lavender sidewalk chalk. Just the look I am going for!


  1. Look forward to seeing it ,and the chalk it makes for a colourful cover LOL.

    Hugs Pat.

  2. You're going to let people flatten their bums on that beautiful work of art?