Monday, May 16, 2011

Turn around....

It has been a cool dreary day so I found myself in my sewing closet deciding what project to do next. Mae's birthday is coming up, and I had some more of the bright cotton blends, so she gets a birthday t-shirt and skirt. The applique looks much better in these brighter colors; it seems that the first girlie to get a new project gets the one that is sometimes improved upon!
I did another variation on the little no pattern skirt. This photograph shows that I could have introduced it to the iron once more, but I was in a hurry because Mae was on her way over and I need to catch her when I can! The first strip is about 5 by 30, the bottom two are 5 by 45. I gathered the middle one and attached it to the top strip, then sewed the bottom polka dot to the middle strip, right sides together, turned it under, pressed a 1/4 inch under and stitched in the ditch to attach it to the skirt with no hand work. Yay!

Mae has the car keys; I have often said that these girls will be asking for the car keys before their parents know it. Where are the years going?


  1. She looks so cute in her skirt and shirt. I adore the colors in the fabric. Mae looks like such a big girl in these pictures. Oh, and I do remember, "Don't make the driver nervous!". Thanks for the laugh :)

  2. Such an adorable outfit! I love the paisley print and the colors... so sweet for such a cute little girl! =)

  3. thanks, are another Debra who spells her name the right way!
    You have a beautiful blog; I have enjoyed it for months and love your photographs