Monday, May 30, 2011

Hand Me Down!

This little dress has seen 6 years of wear and 5 first birthday parties. It represents my reentry into the world of sewing children's clothing. If my blog were The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, this dress may not be ugly, but yes, it is bad. It reminds me of the old Glamour Magaziine Do and Don't shots. The poor little collar needs some serious repair. My lace wasn't nearly wide enough for the space that I left...oh dear. But live and learn I have, so hopefully I will show progress on future peter pan collars.
The little yellow polka dot fabric was handed to me over the back fence by Lin from her stash, the tiny birthday cake was from the Martha Pullen Sweet Baby CD, and the dress was made from Children's Corner Carol, which is an old favorite. And there is something about this traditional dress with its soft colors and puff sleeves that I love in spite of its imperfections!
Sarah didn't seem to mind that her collar was a little wonky. She is just happy to be on Mommy's lap.

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