Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sarah, Sarah, God claims you. He helps you, protects you and loves you too. We this day, do all agree, A child of God you'll always be.

The lovely month of May. May 1st is the day that sweet Sarah is to be dedicated. It turned out to be a busy weekend, with Katelyn's birthday party, help to Brent and Rachel's family and friends after one of the worst storms in history, and Sarah's dedication at the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama.

I had to get busy to remove some stains, patch a hole in the lace, and reweave some ribbon in my Hearts of Love christening gown made from a Martha Pullen pattern. I made the gown shortly after Issa was born, and Sarah was to be the fourth precious granddaughter to wear it. The hole in the lace was easy to repair with some DMC 50 wt. cotton. The loosely woven stitches blended in with the lace, especially with the little slip behind it. The gown needed a soak in Biz, and I gently washed it and hung it to dry. I added Sarah Rose and her dedication date to the other 3 names already embroidered on the slip. It was actually fun to press. All ready for a trip to Birmingham.

Initially we were in Birmingham for Katelyn's birthday and Sarah's dedication, but the weekend turned in to a busy work weekend for this little family. Rachel and Brent spent most of Saturday in devastated Pleasant Grove, Alabama, helping family and friends begin to recover from their nightmare.

Beautiful Sarah and beautiful Mommy after the dedication. There were no Issa, Katelyn or Mae burp stains on the front of the gown, no hole in the lace! We were all smiling this morning. I love this handsome family on an important day.

So we ended our weekend at Brent and Rachel's home, with a family picture. The pink birthday princess stood amid all her wonderful birthday surprises. We were worn out but happy. The big screen behind us had a purpose. Sarah was asleep upstairs in her crib, and we clicked her camera on so that she could join us via a live feed. Great idea, but she didn't show up on screen. I hope she will make the next family photograph!
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  1. Make me cry! This beautiful family---the dedication---the beautiful heirloom dress---repaired and cleaned---and the love and work of family and friends helping each other recover after the unthinkable disasters of tornadoes. Lovely post---sorry I've been away so long.

  2. Missed you debbie! I'm loving the bluebirds but haven't checked about them today