Monday, May 9, 2011

Betty Crocker would be proud

Oh my goodness. I just love this happy little girl! She is 4 years old, and making cupcakes in her chef attire that she got from her Aunt Mandy, Issa, Mae and me! I embroidered her name on the little polka dot apron, but it is difficult to see in this photo. Aunt Mandy did the chef's hat and tucked it in a mixing bowl with cake mix, spoon, cup cake liners and icing. I wish I had been there to sample one of the cupcakes! This is the best thank you note I have ever gotten!
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  1. OMG---if that doesn't tug on your heart, I don't know what will----I can only imagine what Bibi's heart did when she saw this!

    What a clever thoughtful gorgeous family---all of you.

    I shared your blog address with a friend of mine who is a talented seamstress (she made my wedding dress!) and has just retired to Mexico. She and her mother both sew a lot. I know she will love this creative sewing blog.

  2. What is more fun than grandchildren?

  3. Hi what a cutie she is, l also love sewing for my four granddaughters at the moment l am sewing their holiday wardrobe. I love your blog and will visit you again.

    Hugs Pat

  4. thanks Pat, It is a an unexpected joy in life, isn't it? I am getting ready to do little aprons for Issa's birthday party. So many projects, so little time!