Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Christmas to Lynda

I love love love my friend Lynda. And she loves loves loves TAB of all things. (the check out girl when I bought the TAB, who was younger than some of my socks, said "What does this stuff taste like? I have never seen any one drink it!) I have watched Lynda carry her TABs to work every day in a plastic grocery bag...and that may be how she prefers it. But on the days when there is no way to keep her drinks cold, she is getting an official monogrammed TAB cooler for Christmas! She is really busy at work these days, and does not sew, so I am fairly certain that her gift will remain a surprise.

Once more, I did not hoop the top of the little tote. I hooped my stabilizer and sprayed a little 505 adhesive, and stuck it down. Worked like a charm.

So Merry Christmas to Lynda. I am happy that she is my friend.
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  1. Fanciest Tab cooler EVER! She will love it. It's fun to open your blog just to see what kind of project you're going to come up with next.