Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas on Lake Martin

Here are last year's Christmas dresses. I hate to admit that I didn't get it together enough to make one for Mae, so the little red corduroy was (oh no!) purchased. Katelyn's was a nativity scene and was also "store bought"; I always have such good intentions but I do not know where the time goes. Issa's dress is smocked with candy canes, and come to think of it, that is a recurring theme. I piped her dress with red gingham at the sleeve and neckline, and then added a featherstitich detail around the hemline because that seems to break up the vast expanse of white in the skirt, and Miss Issa does request that her dresses are long. December of last year was much warmer here in the south, and we enjoyed our time at the lake during the holidays. I plan each Christmas to get an earlier start so that I won't be rushed doing hems and buttons in time to go see Santa, but we shall see what Christmas, 2011 brings!
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