Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monochromatic Monograms

I did these towels for Melanie's son and his wife, who are just about the sweetest couple in the world. I used the Blackboard font, because I was informed by someone who would know these things that it looks younger than the pretty, Empire script that I tend to use. I went into the software and changed the underlay to a double zigzag, and it gave the monogram a little more body. I just used a medium weight tearaway, hooped it, sprayed it and pressed the towel to it. I used solvy on top.

When I did Jason's khaki towels, the toobar on my computer said that the fill stitich would be a step stitch, and I knew that would be better for the larger B initial, but as it stitched I could see that it was a satin stitch. I will check with someone at the sewing center tomorrow to figure out why. Thankfully it stitched out just fine and does not appear to be too loopy. I went back and changed Debbie's monogram to a step stitich, and felt much better as it did the larger bar on the middle B.

I hope Debbie and Jason enjoy them.
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