Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All I want for Christmas is a towel that's hung...

These hand towels are a request from my sister Bethanne, who spends more than her share of time hanging and rehanging a towel in her downstairs bathroom that more often than not ends up on the floor. This photograph shows how we decided to solve the "dry my hands and drop" problem; I folded the top over and added a large button and buttonhole. (It reminded me of the towels that I have seen for years at church bazaars where the top corner is crocheted and a button is added.)

The top lettering is Blackboard; I added an additional underlay and raised the pull compensation to 3.5, so I am not certain why it seems to fade into the terrycloth the way that it did. By adding the sideways "the" before Hills, I did take up some room and it reduced the size of the name. I like the second monogram better, the font is Craft from the Artista software; I did raise the pull compensation and added underlay to it and the result is a much stronger effect.

I hope these towels help a busy mom and bring a smile to her face as she unbuttons it, removes it from the towel rack and puts it in the laundry!

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