Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dresses of Christmas Past


It is such fun for me to look at this photo; it is my Atlanta girls in older Christmas dresses. Mae is in the blue angel dress from 2 years ago. I smocked 3 of these dresses for Katelyn, Issa and Mae, and Mae is wearing Issa's handed down dress. If I remember correctly, the smocking if from a a plate by Molly Jane Taylor; I smocked the same design on a white dress for Mandy about 30 years ago. Issa is wearing Mandy's smocked candle dress; it may be maybe a little tired looking, but it is about 30 years old! It is so much fun to make classic styles that are timeless in their design. Who knows? Maybe someday Issa will take her little girl to stand in front of the Nordstrom Christmas trees wearing her Grandma Mandy's candle Christmas dress!

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  1. Beautiful! Love the looking forward to Issa and her daughter following the tradition. How on earth did you find time to post on Christmas Day?! I've been out of commission for about three weeks---and still feel a bit overwhelmed. You truly are amazingly productive.