Monday, December 6, 2010

More Mats

Now all of my grandaughters have Christmas placemats with their names on them. Mandy's are slightly different from Rachel's; I made the lettering a little larger and I am not sure if it will show when you actually put a plate on the placemat. I used a different snowman, but all of the pictures came from the Artisa software. My goal now is to find a way to get the lettering a consistant size; the software gives the measurement in centimeters, but I haven't figured out how to allow for longer names. I am sure that some brilliant Swiss person has already figured it out for me, so I will just have to ask the right questions the next time I go to the sewing center.
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  1. i LOVE 'em! They are on my dining room table with your Christmas tablecloth and the advent wreath/candles are in the middle. Thanks Mom!

  2. I sent your blog address to a friend who sews for her grandchildren in retirement. If you get a new follower from New Hampshire, that's my friend :-)