Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mrs. Hancock, Hudson, Henreich or Hunt?

Mandy needed a last minute hostess gift for a friend, and this was a quick answer. We had used the linen towels with the red accents, and thought that it needed a little something else, so we added the polka dot bow with a tiny safety pin on the back. The H is from the Artista software, the anniversary font. It took just a few minutes to stitch out and I hope that Mrs. H enjoys her guest towel!
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  1. Who wouldn't love this? Do you ever make things on commission?

  2. Yes, I have sold a few things, but mostly just sew for friends!

  3. YES she loved it! I saw Diane Hardin at church on Sunday AM and she mouthed across the sanctuary, " I LOVE MY TEA TOWEL!!!"