Sunday, November 28, 2010

A family of placemats

These placemats are actually the same color, but I am just not a photographer.

I wanted to show the entire placemat in the first photograph, the next one just shows the embroidery on the 3 others.

I used heavy cutaway stabilizer when I embroidered these, but I think I could have used tearaway. Regardless, I hooped the stabilizer and then dampened it and stuck the placemat to the stabilizer; I tried hooping the quilted placemat, but old age seems to have claimed my right thumb! I also used solvy on top because the quilting gave a really textured effect to the top of the mat.

I am glad that I was not embroidering on clothing. The density of the stitches on the snowman was far too heavy, it almost feels like a badge. I am so happy it is not on a little girl t-shirt, in fact...the snowman could really put my little Mae Mae in a tailspin!

Happy Christmas to my Brent's sweet family!

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  1. Amazing amazing amazing---your technical skill---and how fast you got from figuring out the design to finished product---and then got two blog posts in---

    looking forward to coffee---hoping your efficiency will rub off on me!

  2. I knew I was getting sweet in-laws when I married Brent, but the boutique quality clothes and home decor are an added bonus! Katelyn loves seeing herself on "Bibi's Internet!"