Sunday, November 28, 2010

Its a Christmas Miracle!

You know I love this Bernina, but today I am loving the software even more.
I have been trying to find some little Christmas designs to stitch next to names on placemats, but could only find 2 that I liked in the software.
I found 2 images that were part of a larger design, and I,YES I , deleted the part of the design that I did not want to use.

I brought in the name, then the tag with the tree on it, and I wanted to delete the tag. I called Stuart at ASC and she walked me through it, and then even with my notes, I promptly forgot what she said.

But after several attempts I was able to ungroup the design, highlight and move the tree, highlight the tag, and delete it!

Imagine the possiblities! (I think that may be part of their advertisement, but I am absolutely thrilled!)
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