Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brent in a Bonnet?

You can see the shadow of a dimple here on sweet Sarah; it is usually much more evident. Honestly, this is the smilingest baby we have ever seen! I tried to get the side of the bonnet, but she is NOT going to look the other way if there is someone close by who will talk to her or play.

I renewed my love of heirloom sewing with this little project; I took a class with Carol at the Atlanta Sewing Center and it was a wonderful way to learn about my new machine and make a sweet bonnet at the same time. I have always thought that one advantage of sewing with such beautiful laces, trims and fabrics is the fact that mistakes are much less evident. Contrary to popular belief, it is a very forgiving method of sewing.
It seems that Issa was the only bonnet baby in my gaggle of girls; the others always wanted to rip them off and stuff them in their mouths. And if this afternoon at my house is any indication, Sarah is going to agree with Katelyn and Mae!

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  1. You are more productive with your sewing machine in one week than I ever was in a year! This project is too cute for words.

    I responded to your question about field guides, but realized you might not check back for a comment to your comment :-) So I'll respond here too.

    Peterson Field Guides or Audubon Society both put out good field guides on every animal and plant imaginable---available in most any good bookstore. If you buy one for trees, just make sure it is for eastern U.S., not western. I'm partial to Peterson guides b/c I think their drawings make for easier ID---true of bird books too---some books use photos, but I think the Peterson drawings are clearer.

    Great idea to make a leaf book with grandkids! I must try it.