Monday, November 8, 2010

When in Doubt, print your design before you stitch!

Mandy came in last night with this old romper of Issa's. It had a really pretty white monogram on the front, and she said, "I think I will just let Mae wear this." My reply was only if she was going somewhere where no one knew her name! So I started thinking about the appliques that were on one of my disks, and found one that I thought would cover the IJA on the bib of the romper. As I sent the snowman to my machine from my computer, LeAnn's voice was in my mind saying, "you know, you really should print this out to make sure it completely covers the monogram..." I printed it out, not wanting to take the time and slightly aggravated, and who knew? It was too small and it did not completely cover the monogram. WooHOO! I had not stitched it yet! Saved by LeAnn and she didn't even know it! So that is the reason for the slightly large snowman. The applique literature called it a topper, I guess it was designed to go on the top of a pocket, but since it was the only one with the right shape, it got placed on the romper.
I missed a great opportunity for a before and after photo here, but I was really anxious to get started! And thanks to LeAnn, who saved this seamstress from having to clean up a huge mess.
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