Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not always Sunshine and Lollipops

Good Grief. I am so glad I did not put much time in on this little jumper, because as it slipped over her pigtails she proclaimed, "I don't WIKE it!" She pulled at the bows; she tried to slip her arms out of it. I patted and straightened, I hugged and smiled, but she would not be convinced. "Take this off!"
The fun part will be to see who is going to prevail. Although Mae doesn't like it, her mommy does, and I am not certain who is the most determined. It could just hang in the closet until next fall, and then maybe both mother and daughter will be happy.
The jumper is a Bonnie Blue Design, and I was told by a young mother at my last sewing class that they were cut really large. If this brown and pink polka dot is any indication, she is correct. I will cut down the blue and brown polka dot that I am making for Katelyn. I hope the reception for the jumper in Birmingham is a little warmer than it was here in Atlanta

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  1. Like it or not, this is one adorable little girl.