Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WooHoo! My piano bench has a cover!

I have been wanting to make a cover for a very scratched up piano bench(from a little girl and a schnauzer 25 years ago) and I wanted my piano bench to have scallops, so it took me awhile to figure this one out. I got some fabric from the Fabric Barn, in beautiful downtown Eclectic, Alabama. The gentleman said it was linen, but I have my doubts. Anyway, it is a nice nubby cotton that I liked. So I started by measuring the top of the bench. As I worked out the number of scallops, I decided to work in centimeters because it was a smaller unit and I didn't have to fool with fractions. My mistake was measuring the length of the bench, and figuring my scallops; I should have measured the perimeter. Oh well, they fit pretty evenly.

Then I made a template and couldn't find any poster board so I used some lightweight cardboard from a case of coke. It worked just fine. I drew out the scallops using a little saucer and my blue marker, and sewed them using a small stitch, about 1.5. It was easy enough to turn and the small stitch gave me a rounder edge. After a little pressing, I felt like the most difficult part was done.
From here I cut out the top and used a little batting inside the lining. I cut some bias strips and made my piping for the top edge, then attached it to my rectangle top. I added a strip around the side of the bench, on top of the piping, to lengthen my scalloped skirt. By now I am sewing through the top piece, batting, lining, 2 layers of piping and strip around the edge. Now it was time to attach my scalloped strip to the little 4 inch skirt around the side.
I sewed from the back side so that I could use my piping stitch as a guide, and added the last piece, my scallops. I was holding my breath as I slipped it over the bench, but I'll be durned if it didn't look ok! I might go back and monogram the top, but I am thinking it might look best in the slouchy cotton without a monogram. So here it could probably use another pressing, but I think the girls will enjoy it as is. I can't wait for my next concert. Now the dining room chairs are looking a little bare...

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