Thursday, September 2, 2010

Walking foot

I finally finished this little coverlet with the help of the Bernina walking foot. Of course, I had to take the foot back to the store because I was convinced that it didn't fit my machine, but the ever patient Marian and Margo showed me how to put it on my Artista 200. The silk fabric was leftover from the drapes, and since my husband and I work on different thermostats these days, I thought a coverlet for him would be nice on nights when I was sweating away. The toile is leftover from my bathroom shade,(it has just occurred to me that I do a terrible job of estimating fabric needed for a project) and I put a very light batting in between the layers. Trying to sew this silk reminded me of why I paid someone else to make the drapes; I know my limitations and silk slips and slides. I used the walking foot to follow the lines of the gingham silk to give it a little quilted effect, and the cotton toile backing doesn't slide off the bed the way silk would have.Posted by Picasa

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