Monday, September 13, 2010

A well worn dress

Mae Mae came by to visit after church this week, wearing a dress for the second summer that Issa had worn for two years. It was made from Sew Beautiful's Dainty Designs pattern and I just love it. I was working on it for Issa's second Easter when my Bernina began acting up and I had to take it in to ASC to be checked. I was in a panic the week before Easter and remember going to LeAnn's to finish it...she wasn't even at home but let me break in and sew!
(I just had to take this picture of Mae bending over because I love all of the embroidery around the scalloped hem. I wish I had gotten the ruffled panties but it is hard to catch Mae standing still.)

I wondered how this dress would fit as I was making it; the sleeve is not set in but cut in one piece with the bodice, but it has turned out as a simple favorite! It is almost white now from several machine washings but was actually pale pink when it was new. Issa wore it with a sweet bonnet, but there is no way that Miss Mae would stand for that!

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  1. Beautiful---and a family heirloom for generations to come!

    What fun to discover your blog! Isn't retirement great?