Monday, September 13, 2010

Ellis for Katelyn

I finished Ellis this morning for my Katelyn in Birmingham. I decided to use the bias ruffle at the bodice, but I took a little fullness out. The ribbon that I found was just a little too bright to blend well with these fabrics. I am anxious to see how the raw edge on the ruffle wears; I do like the look of it now and I will see what several washings do to it.
If you have to cut a lot of bias there is a really neat trick on Sew Mama Sew that shows you in perfect steps how to cut a lot of bias at once. I didn't need too much here so I just cut on the diagonal. This neckline is piped with the same fabric as the ruffle, but it is tiny and difficult to see in this picture.
I learned about a new (for me) tool in Nashville at the Children's Corner workshop. It is a Groovin' Piping Trimming Tool. It is made of a clear acrylic; your piping fits in a groove and you use a rotary cutter to trim your piping to a perfect 1/4 inch. I had to look awhile before I found it and finally saw it last year at the Sewing Expo in Gwinnett County.
And I loved my Bernina all over again when I did the bottonholes. 8 times down the back and I am finished! I can't wait to see Katelyn in her new little dress. Posted by Picasa

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