Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm NOT Wanda

A Grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween.  ~ Erma Bombeck 
   I began my new job the second week of December, 2010.  I realize it takes time to get a new employee set up, so I have tried to be understanding.  But most of the time the customers don't know that I work there!  I don't have a name tag.  I asked and I joked, still no name tag.  I found Wanda's old name tag, added a post it note, and wore I'm NOT Wanda for a day.  No luck.
   So last week I asked Barbara to help me digitize a nametag.  She did it more than once, getting just the right size with the scallops that I liked.  I put it on my jump drive and brought it home.
I did my first sew out on a scrap of cotton.  I played around with a sewing image that I had taken from the software, deleted part of it and reduced the size.  I added my name in the middle and was good to go.
   I have this thing about linen.  I love it.  So I wanted to do the name tag on a linen scrap.  It took a few trials, but I finally got one that was acceptable.  I need to do a little more trimming, but I have a pocket on the back that holds Wanda's name tag, and I can use the magnet to attach it to my shirt at work.
     Can you tell the little design is a spool of thread and a tape measure?  It was really cute, but the design was too dense, in spite of  the fact that I deleted a few layers.  So I hope that this little nametag will hold up until I get a better inspiration!  Now I wonder when I will get the alarm code??