Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My arm is FREE!

Wow!  Woohoo!  Now these are not really exciting photographs, but this accessory is going to be a great help when embroidering on my 200.  I hooped a onesie on a 5x7 hoop, snapped it on the adapter and then just slipped it over the free arm with no trouble .  I can envision using it on shirt cuffs, smaller t shirts, and little tote bags.  It was easy to attach ;  the most difficult part was removing the little rubber feet from the bottom of the embroidery module and reattaching the new feet.  Snap and snap and it is good to go!
And, like any Bernina accessory, it is not cheap.  But  I have to believe it is going to be worth the money when I consider the savings in hooping woes and embroidery angst!

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