Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Candy Corn and a Pumpkin

"Come little leaves," said the Wind one day.
"Come to the meadows with me and play.
 Put on your dresses of red and gold; 
 for summer is past
and the days grow cold."
               ~George Cooper
Here are two more appliques from the group that I just purchased from Planet Applique.  I actually figured out a process that works best for me when using Solvy on an applique.  I stabilize the back with a fusible polymesh in beige, then slip a tearaway under the hoop before I begin to stitch.  I let the machine stitch out the placement and zig zag, then before it does the satin stitch, I put down a layer of solvy.  No Wrinkles!

The detail on these appliques is nice, you cannot see in the photograph, but there is a layer of topstitching on the satin stitch, and it is a nice finish.

I  learned a lesson  from Mae Mae's candy corn applique.  I worried about the white tip of the corn on the white t-shirt when I couldn't find a darker shirt, but as it turns out I was more disappointed in the orange lettering on top of the orange polka dot.  It doesn't seem to bother Mae Mae one bit, though.
What does bother her is wearing a shirt that says "Katelyn."  When she entered the kitchen and saw the shirt she shouted "Katelyn" and ran to the den, thinking that she would see her cousin.  When I explained that Katelyn was in Birmingham and that I only wanted her to model the shirt, she was more than a little disappointed!

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  1. I think the white on white and orange on orange look artsy. And yummy. Lucky girls!