Friday, October 28, 2011

From Big Sis to Little Sis

This little Zutano outfit used to sport a red, slightly puckered, KLG monogram for Katelyn.  Rachel liked the outfit and wondered if I could fix it up for Sarah.  I used the petal applique frame and the curlz font to get it ready for little sister. 
I did learn from experience....I used a polymesh  cutaway stabilizer and slid a tear away underneath the hoop before I stitched.  Then solvy on top as I stitched around the outer frame onto the t shirt.  There is a little wobble in the S from the monogram underneath, but other than that I think it is going to suit little Sarah just fine.


  1. Hi! This is Linda from the lake! Trying to make a baby blanket from minky with satin charmeuse backing. Do you stabilize it? It slips so bad!!! Someone said to use fusible fleece, but I don't want the blanket heavy. I've already ruined one and have had to reorder to start again. Help!

  2. Let me ask my quilting friend at work...she has made several minky/flannel blankets for grands...I think she uses warm and natural. I'll text her and get back to you!

    Do you have a walking foot? That would help.

  3. I think the problem is really coming from the satin c. Yes, I do have a walking foot. Thanks for checking on it.

  4. Kathy doesn't use a stabilizer, but warm and natural batting, or flannel, or nothing, depending on the weight she wants. But then I guess you would have to quilt it in some way or tack it with those little yarn thingies... did the walking foot work? send me your email...or I will ask Lin when they get home.