Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh NO! Even Kirstin is an AUB!

My 3 dear little girls are all decked out in their Auburn dresses.  The latest addition is Kirstin, and I knew the girlies would enjoy being dressed just like her.

   For Kirstin's dress,  I just took a strip of the pawprint fabric, doubled it over right sides together so that I would have a bodice lining, and measured around her chest.  Then I drew armholes, cut them out, and sewed up the back of the bodice, across the top and back down.  I clipped it and turned it and pressed up the lining a half an inch.    I pieced  the skirt just like I did the big girl dresses, sewing together the strips of the various prints.  I used the ruffle foot to gather the strips and added the polka dot strip around the hem.

     Attaching the bodice to the skirt with a straight seam was easy, and instead of buttonholes in the back I used velcro.  I had a long strip of velcro that was a little too wide so I cut it in half lengthwise with a rotary cutter, then attached the long strip on the back bodice and skirt.  The velcro makes it easy for little fingers, even when they are in a pink and green cast, to dress Kirstin.

Oh my goodness, the things we do for love .

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