Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yet ANOTHER navy and orange dress

Listen!  The wind is rising,
 and the air is wild with leaves.
We have had our summer evenings;
now for October eves!
~Humbert Wolf

This is Issa's little jumper from last fall, navy with orange trim.  Sadly, time has run it's course and the jumper no longer fits Issa, but is perfect on Mae Mae .   Mandy asked what I could do, and I had the perfect applique in mind.  I have more than enough of the navy and orange fabrics. so I was able to applique over issa's name.   I used a very lightweight tear away stabilizer so that the front of the dress is not so stiff.  And just like LeAnn says,  I printed out my design first so that I could be sure that the new design covered the old!

WooHoo! Miss Mae has a new jumper.   I like the new version better than the old.  (and I got my photo in right before the rain)


  1. So cute! I love reading your blog!

  2. I cant find your etsy shop! I want to see what you are making!