Monday, October 3, 2011

Arachnid applique

I ordered some new appliques from Planet Applique and Issa chose the little girl spider.  I like the contrast of the black spider on the white t-shirt ; and Issa loves it.  I had enough of the black and white gingham to make a  pair of elastic waist pants, and added a little white ruffle to the bottom of the legs. This afternoon as I watched her enjoying ICarly on the Disney Channel, I got a little sad wondering just how much longer an applique and elastic waist will please her.
I used the Bernina #86 foot, the Ruffler, to make the strip of ruffle to add to the bottom of the pants.  I am not sure I will gather anything ever again.  This foot may look like a torture device, but it is a quick and easy way to make yards and yard of ruffles. Attaching the large foot is a little cumbersome, especially since all the others go on with just one hand, but you have to make sure that the big hook goes over the screw while the cone in the back goes in the proper place.   After you have done it a couple of times it is simple! I have figured out that when you fold a strip of fabric lengthwise, it works better to really press it so that the foot feeds both layers well.  I changed the lever for it to tuck every 6th stitch, and  turned the screw in the front to lessen the depth of the pleat.
And I was just thinking that I have come full circle.  My days of snug zippers are gone, and I once more have an appreciation for pants with an elastic waist!

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