Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Dream Machine

       Ok,  I'll admit it.  I love this machine.  I want this machine.  And it is expensive, but  I believe for a serious sewist, it is worth every penny.  I had the opportunity at the Atlanta Sewing Center in Marietta to sew on the Bernina 830 and make this pretty little jewelry case.  We made it under the direction of Jeanne Delpit, Bernina's Director of National Events, and had a wonderful time to boot.  I call that a Win Win!  The really cool thing is, it wouldn't even let me mess up!  As I embroidered my design on the fabric,  I did not have it centered .  No problem...accordiing to Jeannie.  She showed me how to recenter my design in my Jumbo hoop, and voila!  It was perfect!  
   The next morning we listened to a wonderful presentation by Jeannie, and she not only highlighed the special features on the 830,showed us how to use several accessories and feet, but gave us ideas to take advantage of our own sewing machines.  I took lots of notes and am eager to sit down again in front of my 200. 

Marian presented a favorite Bernina needle threader to Jeannie on a silver platter!

Marian's customer's always seem to turn into friends!

The day was made complete through the efforts of Dianna and Suzanne, (watcing Jeanne demonstrate). Raspberry bars, cheeses and crackers, dips, cheese wafers....I could go on and on! We had delicious food which was beautifully presented, met some new friends, and talked about sewing...  making it a perfect morning!

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