Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bibi Serges?

     The dreaded lower looper has done me in.  I give up.  I will have to ask for help.  Sweet Kathleen gave me this serger.  It has the original paperwork included in the box, it was purchased in 1987 from the Atlanta Sewing Center.  It runs with a nice quiet hum, is metal and heavy and just has to be a good one.  I just can't make it work.  It just doesn't stitch !  Could it be Operator Error ? 
I will have to make my 3 little orange and navy dresses on the trusty Bernina 200, and finish the strips in the skirt with a zigzag.  it will take a little longer, but I will get the job done.
     So I will take this with me to work on Wednesday, when Barbara the Serger Queen at the sewing center can thread er up and get her hummin.


  1. I refuse to believe it's operator error! Will watch for updates :-)

    But your post does remind me of a sign on the wall behind the head of a technology instructor I once took a class from. It said, and not very subtly:

    "The problem? Probably NOT the computer."

  2. I read somewhere that 'There is no problem than can stand the assault of sustained thinking." I will conquer the serger!