Monday, September 19, 2011

war eagle??

Fall is in the air and it is time for my little girls to wear their blue and orange dresses on Game Day for the Auburn Tigers! As a graduate of Tuscaloosa High School, Huntingdon College and the University of Alabama, this is more than a little difficult for me...but we do these things for our children and grandchildren.

The design of the dress is from one of my favorite shops, Sweet Treasures, in Columbus. Georgia. I got enough fabric to make 3 of the dresses, and a t shirt version for little Sarah. The pattern is from Ginger Snap Designs, and was quick and easy to stitch up. They did the dress in 5 different blue and orange prints, and I cut out three of them and did them in assembly line fashion!

I am in the midst of one tiny problem. Sweet Issa, who shows impeccable taste, even at 6, put the dress on for Spirit Day at school and asked to wear a sweater, in spite of the sweltering temperatures last week. Mandy and I did not need to be particularly perceptive to figure out that the dress was not to Issa's liking. I couldn't bear the thought of her wearing a dress that Bibi made her just not to hurt my feelings, so I am going to try to fix it. I have a couple of thoughts. The dress is fairly full, so I washed it hoping that the sizing in the new fabric would make it hang a little closer to the body. The pattern gave the choice of 10 or 12 strips for th skirt; I chose 10. The other option is that perhaps she is showing better taste in colors...maybe red and white next time? Roooooll Tide Roll!


  1. but sweet sweet sweet that she was so diplomatic at age six---she must love her bibi very much!

  2. Plan B...Mae put it on with a big I will make Issa's a little less full. Yay for a 4 year old who is just happy to wear a swirly dress!