Friday, September 9, 2011

Kathy quilts

I sooo wish that I were a photographer.  Kathy made this beautiful quilt and it hangs at the store.  It is from the OESD Holiday Collection CD, and I just love it.  I want so much to try quilting, and if I can ever make enough dresses for 4 little girls I will try a quilt; this would be the one.  The designs are beautiful; some of them are appliques and some of them are straight embroidery.  She embroidered it, pieced it, and asked a friend to quilt it.  She does the binding by hand.  (She makes lots of binding!)  She also has a neat little trick that she uses to make the binding meet, putting both ends at right angles and it makes her binding fit perfectly. She is a master at her craft.              
We have some beautiful quilts on our walls; thanks to Kathy.  If I could just get her to do a class....


  1. You're on your way to becoming a master quilter---I can feel it. It gets in people's blood, I think. I'm not a quilter, but I've been around some of them all my life. Their fabric rooms are places of wonder.
    Besides, if you could make that diamond extravaganza called Eenie--quilting is already in your blood!
    Wonder why it never got in MY blood . . . :-)

  2. ...because you are busy being a wordsmith and describing the wonderful world around you for people like me!