Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cute little Cubs

Little girls have to wear ribbons in their hair for spirit night at school, so Bibi looked in her stash and got busy !  I think when I do Katelyn's ribbon I will try a little Wonder Under in between the two layers; maybe that will keep them from waving in the humid air. I embroidered the navy ribbon then used a glue pen before stitching it to the orange .   The little paw came from a Martha Pullen CD, and I was able to delete the rest of the image thanks to the Artista software .  I entered m-a-e one at a time into the software so that I could space the letters a little closer.  Seems that I learn a little bit from each project that I do.
The girls were most impressed, and the smiles and thank-yous just made my day!
Hmmmm...think they will notice that my paw has only 3 toes?


  1. Well, all I can say is I hope your grandgirls and mine never have the opportunity to compare Bibi to Omi!

    These are precious and clever beyond words---

  2. Not hardly! Have you seen her in the dress yet?