Sunday, April 10, 2011

woo hoo!

Mae chose the color. As she watched Issa model the hailspot voille white and cream dress, she announced "I want Purple!" It took some time to find purple fabric that I liked; I lined it in lime green and found them both at Hancock's Fabrics in Decatur.

The dress has been made twice. The first time it had darts in the back, making it slightly fitted. Wonderful darts using Carol Harris's method of stitching next to a sheet of paper, reaching the end point, then lifting the presser foot slightly and stitchine a few stitches inside the dart. It had wonderful french seams, it had a placket facing the right direction .
Then I tried it on Mae.

Oh no! Mandy wanted me to add one inch strips of fabric down the side. NEVER! All I could do was detach the gathered skirt, remove the piping, take out the darts and re do the placket. So that is what I did, and now it fits. In my haste I put the placket in perfectly backwards. I decided to let it stay that way.

So this morning I went to the patio, and under the watchful eye of St. Joseph drank my coffee, whipped down the bodice lining, and hemmed it. Not exactly the dress as I had planned it, but I think Miss Mae is completely happy with her purple dress.


  1. Wow---you are obviously someone who loves to sew---that would derailed me. But what a great hint about sewing darts. Adorable dress.

  2. p.s. How DO you find the time to do all you do AND keep up with your regular blogging? I want to comment on every one, but then I wouldn't get MY work done. Especially loved the fairy story post.