Sunday, April 3, 2011

A skirt of many colors

I found another great shop for fabric for children's clothing...Sweet Treasures in Columbus, Georgia. It was a little off my beaten path to the lake, but well worth the detour! I made this precious skirt from 4 inch squares in a Hoopla packet from MODA. The little skirt in the shop was done in pastels, but the primary color packet was I decided to try it! The skirt was made by placing the squares into 3 rows; first 7, then 11, then 16. I matched up the squares as directed, trying to match at least one color in a block to its neighbor. Since I haven't ever threaded my serger, I went to Kathleen's and used her Bernina serger. Got those blocks sewn together in a minute. (I may have to rethink the serger thing.) It was just a matter of gathering the strips and sewing them together. I added a white facing to the inside of the casing so that I would have a little extra length. The skirt in the shop had a bias strip along the bottom, but since I did not have a coordinating fabric in my stash I just added a larger white rick rack at the hem.
Issa modeled the skirt for me before it was completed; I needed to adjust the elastic in the waist a tad, and finished it off with the rick rack hem. She doesn't look exactly overjoyed, but I am sure she is going to love this little skirt!


  1. Hey Bibi,
    Thanks for the inspiration. After I saw your cute design, I had to make one for my little. Here's a link to the skirt and shirt she wore for her Easter hunt at school. Love this pattern!


  2. I have tried to respond from your blog, too, but I seem to be more technologically impaired than I thought! Issa loves her little skirt, and I hope your little one enjoys it too. I am going to try your link one more time...

  3. I love the details that you put into them...even after sewing all the squares together!!!! Absolutely lovely.