Monday, April 4, 2011

A preview of Katelyn's new dress

It was a rare moment of demonstrated affection, but I was so happy to catch it on my camera! Issa's polka dot dress is from last spring, made from Children's Corner Charlotte, and it is lined with a soft pink gingham. I love the little angel sleeve and it has a tiny pocket on her right side. I am going to use this pattern for Katelyn this spring; the dress is cut out and on my sewing machine right now. Barbara at the Atlanta Sewing Center shared a tip with me last spring when I was having trouble with the pocket. I added rick rack to the top of the pocket then used a piece of solvy to stitch around it. Then I just put a slit in the middle of the solvy, turned it on the stitch line, and had a perfectly rounded bottom! Who knew? But then with a lifetime of sewing, Barbara is full of useful little sewing ideas.

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