Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hand look quilt stitches

I understand once again that this is not the best photograph in the world, but I am so excited about this technique/stitch. I had been looking at a machine at the Atlanta Sewing Center that stitches only a hand look stitch, and it is quite expensive considering its limited ability. But I loved the stitch. A customer recently visited the store asking about the stitch, showing it to me in her machine manual and she wanted to know how to do it. We sat down at a machine, got a swatch with some batting, read the directions and stitched away. WHO KNEW? It looks like a little old lady sat down and stitched a running stitch by hand. We increased the upper tension to about 7, used monofilament thread (the one that looks like fishing line), used a 50 weight thread in the bobbin and stitch number 149 on the Bernina 430. On the 200 it is stitch number 328. This would be so pretty around the sleeve of a onsie, but our sewing gurus at the store thought it would not have the necessary give for a t-shirt fabric; I think they may be right. It would look great around the edge of a primitive look applique. I can't wait to find a place to use it!

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