Monday, April 11, 2011

Katelyn's super secret playhouse

Under the willow tree in her back yard, Katelyn and I like to spread out a blanket and read. It is enclosed and we feel like we are hiding away from the rest of the world. She calls it her Super Secret Playhouse. Today we read Strawberry Shortcake stories and ate peanut butter cookies. She wore her new dress and it is the same Children's Corner Charlotte pattern that I made Issa in the pastel polka dot. This pretty fabric reminded me of Rachel and Katelyn the minute I saw it at Children's Corner in Nashville. It looks absolutely precious on her ( no boots today). I like the length, but as those legs get longer this summer, Rachel has some pink shorter leggings that will look great too. I had such a fun day with my Birmingham Girls. A little fever for her turned into unexpected treat for me!

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