Monday, April 4, 2011

He loves me...he loves me not...

This romper was made from a Children's Corner pattern, Hank and Helen. The soft blue cotton seems to be so comfortable, and I loved the little ribbon flower. The stem is made from two pieces of rick rack intertwined with each other, the leaves are gingham applique, and the flower is a button with with little petals made from yellow grosgrain ribbon. TRUE CONFESSION: Yes, this romper is precious, and NO, I did not make it! It was a sample hanging on the rack at Sweet Treasures and when I calculated the expense of the fabric and the pattern, it was well worth the price on the tag! Also, the sweet lady who helped me had made the romper, and had cut out some of the fullness through the hips. I think this was a great idea; if you look at the pattern online it is very full.

We had quite a discussion after Issa asked where the rest of the petals were, and I told her that someone must have been playing He loves me, He loves me not. So of course we had to pick some azalea blossoms, and recite it for both of the girls. When Issa's azalea ended in He Loves Me, we got a shy smile, but when Mae's ended she laughed out loud and shouted "Anfony!"

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